Founded in 1969, the Boston Society of Vulcans of Massachusetts (Vulcan Society) is a community-based, non-profit organization of Black and Latino firefighters in Boston. Their mission is to encourage urban Bostonians to pursue public safety careers. They also promote public safety and fire prevention through education programs and various other resources. The Boston Society of Vulcans is a member of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters, an association formed in 1969 in New York City to address the larger issue of racial discrimination faced by African-American firefighters nationwide. The Boston Society of Vulcans descended from the Vulcan Society of the FDNY, a black fraternal order of firefighters organized in 1940 to promote diversity and aid minority recruitment to the ranks of civil servants.


Our mission is to offer exposure and opportunity for public safety careers to minorities and disadvantaged youth. Through the development and delivery of injury prevention programs, fire education, disaster preparedness, health and minority recruitment services. We value: diversity, community, safety and education


61 Columbia Rd

DorchesterMA 02121

Key Partners:

International Association of Black Professional Firefighters

How to get involved/application guidelines and procedures:

Through direct contact to the organization, or participation in programs and services. We offer trainings at our location, or on site at a group, or orgainzations location.