• President: Darrell Higginbottom (L-28)
  • Vice President: Roy Marshall (E-51 / Gr. 4)
  • Treasurer: Clydies Freeman (E-22 / Gr. 3)
  • Secretary: Marlon Wilson (E-29 / Gr. 1)
  • Sergeant at Arms: Leroy James (L-28 / Gr. 3)

Darrell Higginbottom (L-28), President
Boston Society of Vulcans of Massachusetts


The Boston Society of Vulcans is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, administered by an eight-member Board of Directors representing the diversity of Boston. The Society is a membership organization, that included dues-paying members, and members that are civilians from the community that share an interest in our mission and services. The Board of Directors oversees the activities and operations of the organization and develops and assigns committees (fundraising, finance, program) to work actively between meetings to carry out organization business. Committees include Board members, Society members and volunteers from the community.


The ongoing work of the Vulcan Society could not be accomplished without its many sponsors and partners. We thank you all, our ongoing friends and supporters: Community Change, The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, The NAACP, The Veterans Tri-ad League, The Veterans Clearing House, Public Health Commission Preparedness Program, Wentworth Institute, Suffolk Construction, American Red Cross, Urban League of Eastern Mass., Greenwood Memorial Church, Sudbury Union Methodist Church, Codman Sq. Health Center - Bold Teens, The Department of Public Health-Fire Prevention Program, Safe Kids, Urban Dreams-Seekers of Knowledge, Boston Youth Fund, Department of Homeland Security-Fire Prevention Program, International Association of Black Professional Firefighters, Home Safety Council, Mass. Minority State Police Officers Association, Mass. Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, The Executive Office of Public Safety, Mass. State Police, Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club, The NFPA, Sons of Afrika, The Black Information Center, BNN Cable Access, Wal-Mart of Weymouth, Torrey Street Neighborhood Association